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Who is T.CODA?

West Philly native, Terrence Davis, artistically known as T.Coda, fell in love with Hip Hop at a very young age while invading the tape collection of his older brothers and cousin. Surrounded by music, he developed a passion for the drums in church and the melody of Donny Hathaway in his Nanna's Kitchen, forcing him to listen to all genres of music. Playing for the church and Overbrook Gospel Choir, he revealed his ability as a percussionist but also as a vocalist and lyricist. Formally known as Sounz, one of the founding members of the underground group “BlacSounz”, he began to hone his craft and gift of storytelling on the open mic underground circuit.

Life challenges and circumstances initiated a brief hiatus from creating music, leading to a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery. He realized his purpose and the need to reignite his passion for music. Collaborating in the studio with friend and fellow artist, Charlie K., formally of “Writtenhouse”, introduced T.Coda to the possibility of creating a sound that was very conscious, thought-provoking and true to himself.

A best-kept secret ready to take the world by storm, T.Coda is on a mission to introduce the world to Defibrillator Music literally and lyrically with the intention to assess the lifeless state of music today and shock vitality back into the culture and essence of Hip Hop.

The first mixtape, 4:20, an independent project recorded at Milkboy the Studio with Joe Gallagher, was released on April 20, 2015 and gave voice to T.Coda's journey.   The second mixtape, NATIVE TONGUE, a compilation of familiar hip hop beats with new lyrical flow solidified T.Coda’s wordsmith and metaphoric abilities.  The highly anticipated debut album, 1ST Born 3rd, was released March 20, 2020 and is guaranteed to quench the thirst of all true hip hop heads.  Following the release of Obsidian and Stepbrothers, collaborative works with Emcee CharlieK, T.Coda is in the process of creating his sophomore album, My 2nd Pilgram.  Stay tuned... there's more.

Welcome to the T.CODA EXPERIENCE.

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